"Oh the price we pay for beauty!"

At Nu U we can make that expense less painful.  Join our VIP program for $99/month autopay and receive a free benefit while your nest egg grows.

You may choose from our menu of services with the opportunity to upgrade when scheduling.


Receive $ off products/services just by referring a new client to Nu U.  You can accomplish this discount by referring 5 friends and the total of their first visits will be totaled with 10% awarded to the referral source.

If you prefer, host a "mixer" at Nu U and receive the 10% discount calculated on the total taken in during the event.

*A deposit of $50 per person is required 2 days prior to the scheduled event and will be used toward purchase of products and/or services at the event.  Refreshments of the host' choice will be provided.

Nu U is making a change in the rewards program for loyal clients.  Rather than providing discounts for a quarterly period, discounts will change monthly.  This plan was originally devised as a means to show my appreciation for those who chose Nu U as thier regular provider.  This also negates the "open house" when discounts are only offered a couple of times a year.

June 2020...20% off PDO Threads